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started 13 years ago at a small gym in Toronto, Canada. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of fantastic experiences.

I greedily devoured different types of training; and experimented with countless kinds of fitness equipments, whether it be a gimmicky hype or classic staple. However, after a number of years of aimless drift through weight training, Karate, Muay Thai, various racquet sports, even, well, trampoline...

I finally found my calling in the beginning of 2011, when I discovered HIIT training. I love this type of short, intense, and extremely effective training method. It saves me and my clients tons of time, while yielding great results.

I love the flexibility in creating bodyweight circuits, and the benefit functional training adds to people's daily lives. In order not to hit plateaus, I make sure to switch up my circuit programs once every 4-6 sessions. The constant update in exercise plans will keep your body guessing what's coming next. Not to mention, your mind will also be constantly stimulated.


Now you found out a bit about me, tell me a bit about you! Come check out a class soon, you won't regret it. : )


/ CanFitPro certified Personal Trainer

/ TFW (training for warriors) Level 1 Instructor

/ ViPR Trainer

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